Need a Coder

Hey everyone. Just wondering if there is anyone out there that knows how to code I could and wants to help me it would be greatly appreciated. I am working on my VO rn and need someone to code like a LiveFlight or google maps tracking system. But I think that can be included in the PHPVMS. I already have payed for it so the coders don’t need to. Thanks everyone!

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Once your VA is approved, you can one from Brandon, a IFVARB admin. Or, you can go for third party flight tracking systems, like Map-Flight.

Yeah. But I think since we already have our web up and we are in the middle of the application process. I think you need everything to be ready on hand for them to review.

No, it’s completely fine.

oh ok. Because my VO has its own forum sorta like the IFC that we launched today but I wasn’t sure if the crew center had to be done too.

you dont need your VA/VO to be approved if you do it outside of ifvarb like many big orgs do, they just operate outside of the ifc and operate on GAC, a lot of them have big streamers in them. I highly reccomend doing it outside of ifvarb, also I may be able to get someone to help you. I’ll pm you in a day if I do :)

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Why not the IFVARB? They run the place around here.

Also thanks to for trying to help it means a lot. Also I think I want my VO to be approved so we can use the IFC and be globally too rather than working outside one.

Also if ya wanna check out my vo its

If someone does help me, the reward based off of how much they help and are committed with a bit of checking will receive a Developer Staff role at our VO. We are in need of developers to manage or just build our crew center with phpvms.

If anyone is interested pm me. But I’m going to make this clear, all the rewards of this do not involve money or currency. It is roles at our vo or another important thing that is not involved with money.

What is GAC

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