Nedim.S4’s ATC Tracking Thread - [Closed] @ LIPZ

Feedback (6O-SMA)

[11:09:23]- I don’t know why you gave me 26L here. While controlling you want to keep in mind that it’s good to keep all aircrafts on right traffic on the right side and left traffic on left side— this is something to pay attention to especially if you are looking to join IFATC.

[11:20:53]- here you handled the upwind conflict well but you missed the pattern entry. On a runway change you always need to have a pattern entry. You only gave me a sequence “number 2 traffic to follow on left downwind”.

That’s all from me today. Thanks for the phenomenal service and see you soon… 🙌 @Nedim.S4

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Hey, looks like your ATC thread is OPEN but Closed! Don’t forget to update it when you close! :)


Congrats & welcome to the team!