Nedim.S4’s ATC Tracking Thread - [Closed] @ LIPZ

I’d love if you dropped by and flew inbound, pattern work, transitions, or departures. I have passed my written exam and I am practicing for my IFATC practical.



Airport :


Server :

Runway in use:
22L and 22R


I wil open ENGM IN 15 min join in to help me practice😀

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ill be there mate!

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Would appreciate if more people join:)

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I’ll be there

I will join. Give me few minutes

Hey! Can you add your runway usage in your thread?

Hello 😉
see ya on the tower’s freq

Feedback (6O-SMA)

[12:42:31]- the transition was incorrect you gave me 4000ft. It should’ve been 2500ft. Use this formula to calculate it (2500ft + airport elevation then round to the nearest 500th)

That’s all I got for this one, wish I was able to stay for longer but something came up. Thanks for the great service today, awesome job 🙌

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Hey there,

Sorry for the short time…

Here’s Bullet 99 Feedbacks…

✅ P/B and Taxi
✅ T/O clearance with direction
✅ Seq / Clearance for option
⚠️ Don’t forget to change the freq when aircraft depart your airspace

Nice work out there!

See ya next time… (tag me next time)


Thanks for the service

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@J-F_V @BT_HANDLES Thank you for joining and thanks for the feedback:) @owen_fitzpatrick @anon73662848 Also Thank you for joining:)


I am back again, feel fre to join if you dont have nothing else to do:) @BT_HANDLES @owen_fitzpatrick @anon73662848 @J-F_V

Still open ?

yes i am still open:)

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@IF_Pramana @BT_HANDLES @J-F_V @owen_fitzpatrick @anon73662848 Open now!

Hey there feel free to tag me when your are open. I will stop by right now! :)

i open now

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Feedback I-PRMN

  • On first pattern, no direction after runway change

Others are great, Good luck on your practical test

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Thanks for the service!

Here is Bullet 99 feedbacks…

✅ P/B and taxi
✅ T/O clearance with direction
✅ Seq / Clearance (All)
✅ Upwind conflict (see notes)
✅ G/A
✅ Departure with freq change
✅ Transition
✅ Inbound / pattern entry
✅ Final clearance
✅ Exit runway…

Note: Your method (right d/w for 32L) solved the upwind conflict so good job on that…there is another way, and probably that your IFATC trainer will tell you, is to extend the upwind of the aircraft requesting a runway change. Once the first aircraft has turned and cleared the way, you can issue the pattern entry (left d/w 32L with the right sequence) and that way, everything is deconflict right away and the sequence is easy to follow for everybody.

That was a pretty nice job out there! 👍🏻👍🏻

Can’t wait to see you perform with more traffic!

See ya

@IF_Pramana @BT_HANDLES @AviatorRyan @J-F_V @anon73662848 @owen_fitzpatrick i am open at LROP:)