Ok, so as you all may know, there are some threads that haven’t seen a reply in a looooong time. If someone posts there, it’s necroposting, right? My question is, isn’t there a system that automatically closes these threads after three months without a reply? Am I wrong about this?

EDIT Here’s an example:


That exists as far is I know.
It is only disabled on #features because closing a topic removes the votes.

  1. Can you add anything really useful to that older topic? And is it still relevant? If you can - no, it’s not necroposting.

  2. The functionality that close topics older than 3 months, only works for those topics that were added after the functionality was added. Hence, there are still a big number of really old, open topics.

  3. @Qantas737guy - it does, but the amount of votes it received are still visible.


Oooooooooh, got it. Feel free to close ;)

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And use the like button. No need to say “Thanks” when you can simply use the like button for an older post.

And just a reminder to adhere to the 20 character limit.


Is this directed to me?

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Its for general knowledge. Knowledge is power!


Yes, if you go to the bottom of a post it will say; " This topic will close 3 months after the last reply".

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It still displays the votes. But your vote gets automatically returned to you unless the topic is reopened and you haven’t voted on a different topic yet.

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I think it still does exist and yes it will close the topic after 3 months of last reply.

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