“Nearest Airport” Status bar fix

I noticed that the nearest airport option on the status bar doesn’t display the nearest airport when flying over water or away from land. This kinda defeats the purpose of it because if there was an overwater accident or loss of fuel, you wouldnt know which airport to fly to. I know there isn’t any real emergencies other than fuel in IF, but it would still make sense to extend the range of the option.

Why not just use the map?

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  1. you probably should have extra fuel to not have this situation in the first place
  2. if it hapeens, you could look at the map as i think the nearest airport is only applicable for like a amount of space i m not sure but you could always just refer to your map like @Ben_Bino said

I mean yea but still it defeats the purpose of having it if it doesnt work


yea i get what your saying but i dont think its that important right now

As far as i remember it shows the nearest airport within 25nm, i coupd be wrong though.

Id like to see this, but id also like if it only showed nearest suitable airport. It isnt exactly too usefull if the option it shows me is a small GA airport with a 2000ft runway, while im in a 777 looking for a place to land lol

A suggestion for how to implement this with pre-existing features would be to tie this feature to gate sizes available at airports. So if an airport doesnt have any 777 sized gates, it doesnt show up as an option. Its not perfect but eh, good enough ;)


Beautifully said