Nearby Airports to You

KMIA Miami International
KOPF Opa Locka

I was about to post that, and yes it’s the exact same thing


Tocumen and Albrook airports, Panamá.

CYYJ Victoria Intl Airport, And YWH Victoria Water Aerodrome

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Vancouver International

Abbotsford International

and more

No lor

For you should be WSAP

For me is between WSSL and WSAP

For @Bryan_Ang is WSAT

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EDDL Düsseldorf

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WIII (Jakarta Soekarno Hatta Int’l Airport)

Approach path somemore lol

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Sydney Kingsford Smith International and Bankstown. I’m 1.5 hours away from Newcastle airport/RAAF
I am pretty much under the path of northern approaches for YSSY not that they fly over that much.

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YSBK (Bankstown), YSSY (Sydney Kingsford Smith) and more


Mine are exactly the same as yours ;)


VASO air plant (Il-86/96, An-12, IL-2, An-148) is just on another side of narrow river.

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Dublin Airport EIDW
Gormanston Airfield EIGM

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Some nearest airports :

  • CGK (Nearest)
  • HLP
  • PCB (Military and the furthest)

I actually live across the street from a small airport! Lots of GA and helos

Airport: F70 French Valley Airport
Location: Murrieta, California (SoCal) USA

There is a G6 that occasionally takes off and lands, wakes up the whole neighborhood but its music to my ears haha.

Dublin airport, EIDW

My nearest airport is also EIDW!

YUL Montreal and YHU Saint-Hubert