Near misses off Malaysian Airspace

Yesterday I was flying from Kuala Lumpur International Airport in Malaysia to Cape Town in South Africa. It was a crowded Airspace, and there were many aircraft nearby, and unfortunately 2 of them were flying the same flight path between 2 way points! There was a group flight to Pekanbaru in Indonesia, and one of the pilots happened to be above me at the exact same speed, but he was descending from 36000, while I was ascending to FL340. When we were 1000 feet above each other, I was panicking as we were about to have a mid-air collision, but at the last second the pilot slowed down by deploying flaps and spoilers! I’m so thankful for his quick reflexes.

The second near miss happened over the indian ocean, where (again) another aircraft was unfortunately flying the same 2 way points as me, just in the reverse direction. Neither of the aircraft were ascending or descending, but it was a 500 feet separation, and I didn’t manage to maintain a bigger altitude difference between us! Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to capture a screenshot of this harrowing moment

Time: 0330Z (estimated)
server: Expert
My Aircraft: Boeing 777-200ER (Malaysia Airlines)
My callsign: Malaysian 258 Heavy
Location: Penisular Malaysia/Indian Ocean
Other aircraft: Boeing 737-800 (garuda indonesia), Airbus A350-900 (Air Mauritius)


Hello! Nice photo, but you must follow the guidelines of the Screenshots and Videos category. You are not allowed to have display names or HUDs showing. If you remove these, you will be good to go!

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Oh dear, I’m so sorry! I’m new and I didn’t realise the post wasn’t within the guidelines, my apologies


Nice photo! But make sure to choose the callsign super only when in an A380, the 777 is a heavy Aircraft

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oops, I didn’t realise i keyed it in wrongly, i actually used MH258 heavy yesterday!

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No problem! it is never too late!

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Boy do I love Malaysia, I have lived in Kuala Lumpur for over 6 years if I don’t say so myself. Great photo you got there buddy!


Nice photo! If you like, you can PM me the original image and I will edit out the display name so you don’t have to scribble over it :)

Thanks for the offer but I’m good! I’m just experimenting as this is my first time posting here! Thank you so much for your help though :)