Near Miss

Approx Time : 12.15a.m GMT+10
Aircraft : B767
Callsign : Speedbird 32
I was waiting in line to takeoff from Birningham like any other flight. All seemed well until I was cleared for takeoff, when an Etihad Cargo A330 crossed the runway ahead of me, causing me to abort my takeoff. ATC didn’t even attempt to stop it, and this was on the Advanced server. The controller in charge was NicKArt. These sort of incidents should result in implementing an “Abandoning Takeoff” message. The Airport was very busy so I can’t blame the controller, but I feel as if every aircraft should be making its own checks to make sure executing anything is ok. I made the mistake of not checking down the runway before taking off.


Similar situations are not rare in real world.

@Nick_Art is probably your guy :)

@Swang007 I did actually rage quit some minutes later, because nobody was listening to my commands anymore…

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@ChiefPilotLachy I’m sorry for this incident. I have told the Etihad to cross the runway several times but he didn’t move so I told him hold pisition when I cleared you. The Airplane of course started crossing the runway then… :/ You couldn’t have done anything! He crossed when you were already rolling


This did also happen to em in exactly the same way earlier when I was controlling, though on playground. It is annoying when someone doesn’t pay attention, or chooses when to. When I read this post I was a little concerned it was a complaint about me!!!

Please don’t worry about it :D
I knew half the traffic wasn’t paying attention, I’m always patient.
Like I said, can’t blame the controller!