Near miss @ TNCM

Just now, at TNCM, an A318 belonging to Airbus, and a ERJ 190 belonging to JetBlue, had a near miss. The A318 (ZK-NOP) was departing, and the ERJ (JetBlue 2483) was approaching the famous runway 10 at TNCM.
Here are photos taken by witnesses:

Runway 9, 10 is still close though. :D

Thanks, I changed it.

No it is runway 10. The other end is 28.

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It’s runway 10.

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it’s 9 in real life. :p that’s what I meant. no worries

So you took of from a “closed” end of the runway while another aircraft was on final for the open end?


Wow it actually is.

I think the witnesses are to blame, standing 519ft above the ground in the path of oncoming aircraft.


Are you looking at an old chart? It is definitely 10/28 based on my chart from April this year.

Just to add, I have found some older Jeppesen charts from 2003 (093/273) and 2006 (095/275) on the internet which do show runways 09/27. The magnetic heading changes over time and clearly 10 years later the heading has moved far enough (096/276) that the runway has been re-designated 10/28.


Yep, I saw that while using Google Earth haha

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