near miss parallel takeoff at KLAX "training server"

before anyone gets into Expert server why not try your best in training server first? especially someone with over 400 hours flight time.

when two or three runways are active you know what that means right? its means parallel takeoffs are common, when Tower gives you clearance to takeoff without giving you heading instructions that doesn’t mean you can just make an immediate tight turn shortly after takeoff, i takeoff from 24L and this pilot takeoff from 25R while i was flying runway heading this pilot comes flying right over my head he was like 100ft above me! i mean how can you be that clueless about your surroundings? this would have got you ghosted in Expert server, i bet many people just turn on NAV mode shortly after takeoff so the Autopilot flies the flight plan no wonder why GA pilots look down on airliner pilots its embarrassing.

one of many reasons why i dislike busy airports.


It is called training server and a lot of people are careless


and soon they bring that behavior to Expert server as well.

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That’s why their is IFATC you even stated with that behavior it would have got them ghosted

I assure you GA pilots don’t “look down on airline pilots.”

I’m an airline pilot.

Stick me in a steam gauge/round dial aircraft and I guarantee you I can still hand fly an approach down to 0/0 minimums.


Eh, I wouldn’t take it too seriously. Requirements for the training server are pretty low anyway, and some higher grade pilots like to fly there to ease off of the tension of Expert server. That’s not to say people should be careless, it’s just not as rule-bound and realistic as the Expert server.

It’s highly unlikely that behavior in casual and training server behaviors would be reciprocated in the Expert server, simply because of the time and effort you have to put towards to achieve Grade 3.

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