Near Miss on Expert at KSTL

I was cleared for takeoff at KSTL on Expert today and it looks like someone may have ignored Ground’s instructions to hold short. Anyone else experience this on Expert



He would have most certainly been ghosted.

Ive experienced this many times when IFATC is not around.

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Either a miss communication or that person wasn’t obeying and got ghosted later

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Feel free to contact the controller if you’d like to get a scope on why this happened. He’ll be able to explain it better than we will. :)


That’s a good idea. It didn’t affect me, but would be curious if miscommunication between tower and ground, or if the other plane just ignored the ground controller’s instructions.


“On the next episode of Air Disasters…

St Louis Blues

A 4,000 ton hypersonic private jet nearly collides with an Airbus 737 carrying nearly 800 passengers and 3 cute puppies

But really, I’ll look into this. That’s not acceptable! Mistakes happen on both sides, but I’ll ensure we’re a bit more vigilant. 🙂


Plane crashes with 800 people:😕
Plane crashes with 800 people and three puppies: 😱😓😭😢😫


Either the passengers on the left were having their time of their lives or they were literally screaming with fear


That retro Delta livery in the background though.


Same thing happened to me at SAEZ the other day, I was at about 70kts already and someone crossed further down the runway in front of me… I got the opportunity to slam my reverse thrusters on and abort take off which was a bit exciting 😂😂


I witnessed the same thing about and hour and a half ago also at KSTL, where a controller change was in progress, but in that one minute gap of only unicom, someone in an Air Force Md-11 or something (I forget) decided to takeoff runway 30L, not realizing a Southwest 737 was on final on the same runway! I was thinking, “Oh please go around, don’t get ghosted, this guy taking off doesn’t realize what’s going on!” and you won’t believe what happened…

Or maybe you will.

The 737 and the Air Force come to a NEAR collision, but then the 737 slams on the ground right behind the Air Force which is speeding down the runway at around 50 kts now. The 737 slams on the reverse thrusts and brakes and comes to a complete stop within 5 seconds! Idk how he or she did it!
Air Force is still speeding down the runway and at about 180 kts rotates and is off into the sunset, just as Tower/Ground/ATIS comes on, having no idea what just happened…
Southwest 737 just sits on the runway for about 30 seconds, and i don’t blame the pilot, he or she was probably just STUNNED at what they just went through. Bravo to them for making that amazing stop, though!

I viewed all of this holding short Runway 30L, a front row seat to this.
I can send some pictures to show how amazing it was, but you’ll have to wait till tomorrow folks, sorry for the cliffhanger… 😂


What time of day did this happen?


Right after about 0200z, so nearly 3 hours ago.

btw, great story, eh?

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What a story! 😂

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