Near miss @ EHAM! (Boeing 777 x TBM9)

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Hello from below! 🥂😂


Was tower active when that happened?

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Yup unfortunately 😂

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I got cleared for takeoff twice, not sure if u heard when u were on the left base for 18L touch and go. lol

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I didn’t, but you can always reach out to the controller here on the forum via PM. Controller was fxk27.

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Yeah I did already, not that big of a deal. Just a feedback for them!

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Okay, cool. 🥂


Same sort of thing happened to me when I was on finals at JFK from MAN on the A330 on Sunday. An AA B752 came less than 100ft above me then realised they were lined up with the wrong runway and turned back to their original runway. Bearing in mind this was the Expert Server so idk why the controller didn’t get a notification or hear the alarm go off when two planes come close to each other which came in the recent update

I don’t remember getting those alerts as a local controller. Not saying they dont, cause im unsure. But, i only remember getting the traffic alerts and stuff on radar frequencies. Either that or im just too good 🤷‍♂️

Well one time I did an ATC session on the TS and I got an alert when two plane came too close to each other. Obviously it was TS so the pilots didn’t listen but I’m sure it came with the new update

Was it a radar frequency you opened or a local frequency?

This happened at YVR yesterday. Fun and cool. No tower was active. Even though I had the priority for landing on RNWY 8R the 777 was too fast, and with another behind him I went under for RNWY 8L. It was my fault, but nothing really was that bad.
(Route was Victoria-Vancouver btw)


You would think Unicom would be more helpful, it’s really not. 😂

Tower was active that day and I was tuned into it. I was cleared to land as well at around the same time the B752 got too close to me

It would be ATC at fault then I believe.

Yeah but in the end we didn’t collide and I made it into JFK so what’s there to complain. Although it wasn’t very realistic but anyways things can’t be perfect all the time I guess

Yeah, that’s true.

Has anybody noticed the misspell in the title? 🤓

Nice photos btw

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Just realised now

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It’s like talking about that one thing that that goes something like that.