Near miss, Air India and Emirates

Today, witnessed a mid-air near miss
Was flying in AI 806 when an Emirates EK 512 crossed us barely 400-500ft below us. Both then did a 360 degree or maybe we crossed during 360.
Air India AI 806 , 747-400
Emirates EK 512 , 777-300
Picture 1 : Overlapped route of both the flight. Light green is Emirates and dark green is Air India.Loop marked in red was the 360 loop where they crossed.
Picture 2: Emirates flight plan.
Picture 3:Air India flight plan
Video : Post near-miss , Emirates descended almost 1000fts while we gained few.

Flight Plan details :



Glad that nothing bad happened. I’m sure air traffic control had every under control.

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It was really scary though and I was not able to see the 777 coming because of the white livery of emirates. few 100 ft above and it would have been a major disaster.

Though surely TCAS would have kicked in if so, hopefully.

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In my opinion that is at least 1000 ft vertical separation. This is on approach right?


No, it was not on the approach and the video was shot right after the near miss. I had just switched off my cam before the incident. My aircraft didn’t change the altitude(maybe little) nor the direction(Strang!) but Emirates did. It descended almost 1000fts

I fly very frequently on this route( almost thrice every month) and this time the route was very different. If you see, before the red loop also, we had executed many hold patterns and I spotted 2 aircraft flying parallel for a very long distance.

BTW, it was a very scary approach also.(by our standards) Will upload it in some time.

That is not a near miss. Looks like 2000ft seperation or more. The 360 you pointed out looks like a procedural hold. That is all.


If you are seeing and analysing from the video, that was not the near miss. I was not able to shoot it. that video was taken right after the near miss. I did saw in real and I am a very frequent traveller, so would have figured it.

FYI: Read original post description, Video part.

I have checked flight history of both flights. EK512 was at 15375 ft and AI806 at 18000 ft when crossing. Safe separation before and after.

Anyway, hope you are ok.

Thanks Andre. I also just checked the flight history.They crossed more than once.One was at 17k and the other was at 18k. Yes,am completely fine. thanks for asking.

So that would be 1000ft separation vertically which is fine and not a near miss as you suggested.

hmmm. Yeah. It seemed pretty close though.

Appearances can be deceptive as you have found out. Always worth checking these things before posting.

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Sure Philippe . will make sure things are in order

No conflict reported. You were fine.

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