near mid-air collision at FL330

airbus a380 ASVA074 - Canadian1337 i wonder if you’re aware?!

my call-sign is Mgm1 airbus a320

we almost got into a collision at FL330 above Egypt west of of The Red Sea, i just wake up 1 hour prior to my TOD! i saw the a380 coming from almost a 90 degree angle coming from north as i am heading to east, at the same altitude i thought maybe i have to descent a bit and let him pass over me by 1000 ft the aircraft color became orange and then red but as soon as i zoom in more i realized he gonna pass behind since my aircraft was faster so i didn’t even have to do any maneuver thankfully i switched to outside normal view i clearly saw the a380 passing behind me like about a 100m away ;.;

this is the first time i experienced this, it was really close

What server was this

you can assume but yeah the training server!

It happens on the expert server without the presence of IFATC too! Don’t worry it’s just a game!

i know there’s just that thrill feeling to it when it’s happens although a crash doesn’t happen but i still try to avoid collisions to make the experience more realistic