Near Disaster in India

Airline: Air India
Aircraft: A321-200
Route: Dubai (OMDB) to India (VABB)
Flight time: ~2.5hr
Server: Expert

As I was on final to VABB runway 14, an El Al 787 was also departing from runway 14. The 787 came out of nowhere and was never on unicom to announce departure. I have posted the video of the incident and the full flight to my Youtube channel.


this looks fine to me


This is typical to you guys? Realistic? I could have sworn that there are supposed to be miles of distance between aircraft in the sky but I may be wrong.

Ah, well that explains how close the 787 is, lol


no you are definitely right, 100ft of seperation aint bad for the expert server tho


I do not understand. Are you being sarcastic? If so LOL. If not, uuuuummmm?

yes but no

but more yes than no

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Oh, that’s got to be me, right @A320_Flyerboy19?

better than 99 feet


Just watched the video, he made no attempt to avoid you. Kinda looks like he dived into you on purpose. He definitely did clip your rudder though lol

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looks normal

Looks perfectly fine for me

Yikes ,I actually witnessed this… tried to save you all but communications failed. Next time 😉