Near collision on NAT Track

I almost had a collision with someone flying in the opposite direction on a NAT Track. What’s even worse is that he was flying an even altitude when he’s flying east which means he should be flying at an odd altitude. I already saw him fly straight into 2 other people. I was lucky enough to be able to climb to a higher altitude before he got close to me.
But why do these things happen? Like when you input a NAT track it sets the waypoints in a specific order which cannot be changed.
It just seems like some people go to great lengths to make others’ lives as hard as possible.

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And how was he able to fly a NAT track in the opposite direction?

East odds and west evens don’t always apply for NATs, there is a list of altitudes given for each NAT, both even and odd. In fact, most of the time the altitude rule is reversed. According to Skyvector, the current NATA, which heads in a west direction, has odd altitudes (330 350 370 390), and the current NATZ, which is east, has even altitudes (320 340 360 380 400).


I’m pretty sure he decided to implement it into his FPL.

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FPL TO IF sometimes likes to do that and give opposite waypoints

Maybe before taking off he should’ve checked liveflight to ensure there wouldn’t be any conflicts during the flight? He could have at least changed altitude. He was literally marked as active when the collisions happened.

Philippe: If we were that smart… We would solve the worlds mysteries… <3



Considering the number of people that are away from their devices for long hauls, it happens. Until there is ATC around the world pilots just have to adapt.


The guy was marked as active when the collisions took place.

You can take individual fixes out, probably the NAT gates on each end, and that takes out the fact that it is a NAT, so you can then use the arrow tools in the flight plan section of the map to reverse the order.

Technically some times real aircraft do fly sometimes west on odd altitudes. In this case I’m am assuming the pilot is unaware of west and east altitudes and we can’t really step into the shoes of the pilot to find out what he was thinking anyway.

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If I saw that I was at the same altitude as another plane going straight towards me I would do something. No sane person could possibly that it’s correct to fly through other aircraft…

He was going the wrong way down a one way street NAT

But actually he probably just inputed the coordinates manually in the opposite (aka wrong) order.


Why didn’t YOU change altitudes to avoid a collision?


That’s exactly what I did. I climbed to a higher altitude to avoid him.

Then it wasn’t a collision… lol

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He had a collision with 2 other aircraft flying at the same altitude as him. They were marked as “away” and flying the correct altitude so they did nothing wrong. What I’m trying to figure out is why did the guy fly deliberatley into other aircraft? I think this is trolling.

Were you heading east or west?

And you know he did this on purpose… how?


Because he was marked as “active” which means he’s at his device. I am flying westbound towards North America on Track Z.