Near collision on live

You sure about that?
It’s not considered a dup.


And you weren’t aware of the impending collision how? You have the map that tells you about the planes around you, and you have your eyes. How did you miss that there was a plane barreling towards you at the same altitude and did not take corrective action about it? I’m perplexed.


What, the topic is about mid-air collisions according to the title, not near misses.

tl;dr: Draconian applications of rules goes both ways.

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Clearly one of you was flying at the incorrect altitude for their heading… who was it?


I’m pretty sure west bound are even altitudes and east bound odd?


Correct you are

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This is exactly why the different flight levels have to be used. What altitude was “Josh” at?

…wish pilots would adhere to that.

Think it’s called “realism”. 🤔


That’s what happens when Approach controllers have to do more than they actually have to. Happened to me as a controller aswell once, because the other guy was not tuned in to my frequency.


It was Josh’s mistake, it wasnt yours I think. You were going at heading 253, so he was meant to be at 31,000 or 29,000ft according to this.

MaxSez: @Rapture_Actual… VFR Rule (See & Avoid), IF primitive TCAS Red blip in cockpit scope, Continual Scan, Alt Seperation, Passing Rule, etc. your getting rusty Pilot. See the Tutorial “Rules of the Airways”. LOL… Regards, Msx


I think this calls for audible TCAS warnings!

  • Yes. My ringtone is ‘traffic traffic’

  • Nope

  • Why a poll?

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There could put it but I aslong as it is only in expert sever better other sever people may troll you with it

What if one aircraft is climbing and the other is descending?
You can’t skip odd or even altitudes, so how is that solved?

My ringtone is the 767 master caution.
Needed along with GPWS

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@Jan. MaxSez: it’s situation dependent, common sense trumps regulation,
(All case Written guidance would take a Forest of pulp wood.)

Since there is no ACAS and you can’t communicate with other pilots, you just take a wild guess?

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@Jan “ACAS”? Or “TCAS” ?


ACAS = Ground Collision Avoidance Technology
TCAS = Mid-air Collision Avoidance System.

I hate when you’re right, @Maxmustang! ;)


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