Near colision at Buenos Aires!

  • Going around to avoid collision at Buenos Aires:

I was doing a normal flight in Expert Server with a 738. At that time there wasn’t ATC at Buenos Aires airport so I was using Unicom. I was on short final when I realized something at the end of the runway.
There was 3 lights drawing a “V”. I was on short final so i didn’t pay that much attention. I started flaring to touchdown when I realized that there is another Aircraft on the same runway. I announced a go around but my speed was around 132kt so it was hard to pull up. I did pull up and I the go around was successful. Thanks God I didn’t hit that Aircraft. I had 156 souls on board. I was going to hit the Aircraft’s rudder but thank God I didn’t.
After I landed safely, I went straight to the replay and found out that this Aircraft didn’t announce anything and that he was even landing on the wrong side of the runway.

Flight info:

  • Game: @infiniteflight 🎮
  • Aircraft: Boeing 737-800 ✈️
  • Airline: Aerolineas Argentinas 🇦🇷
  • Flight: Santiago 🇨🇱 ➡️ Buenos Aires 🇦🇷
  • Flight time: 1 H 37 Min⏱️
  • Server: Expert Server

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This is why you always check the map just to be sure!


I really like the angle on the photo! I feel like the editing is a little to much such as the contrast, but other than that I really like it. Nice job!

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The editing in that is incredible! Well done!


I wasn’t expecting that this scenario might happen cuz I was in Expert Server. But yeah you are right I should always check the map. Thanks :)

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Yeah I wanted to change it but I was too lazy, thanks tho 🔥😂

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Oh thank you !!

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Yeah that’s what I would expect as well but you never know these days anymore. Nice photos btw! Great angle

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yikes, close call… at least made for a great picture ;)

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Yeah, even in Expert server I see weird stuff. Thanks tho :)

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Yup it at least give me a pic 👍🏻

This is quite normal as I saw this today at LOWI. Two aircraft just almost ran into each other because they weren’t communicating for paying attention. I could upload photos later.

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