NDBs vs fixes/waypoints?

Sup folks!

I was just doing some quick patterns when I realized that these “circular fix”-es actually existed in IF (I took a break from IF for about a week so I noticed their sudden appearance). After doing a little bit of research, I figured out that they’re called Non-Directional Beacon.

Now here’s a non-avgeek’s question: how do these NDBs differ than regular fixes/waypoints?
Feel free to answer in the context of real-world or IF 🙂


NDB is an older technology than VOR (at least in real life, not in IF), and they are more susceptible to terrain and storms. Supposedly they can also travel longer distances due to how the signals follow the curvature of the earth. They are also used in localiser beacons (ILS).
In IF, I’m pretty sure they just act the same as any other fix.

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There are several other threads about this which have all the info I think would be required. Search NDB to find them if you would like more info.


Oh alright—I didn’t do enough research in IFC (was typing the whole thing from my phone) hahaha…

Thanks for all the infos guys!