NDB's for infinite flight

I am asking for NDB nav sources to be added to infinite flight. we currently have VOR’s but we do not have those. This would most likely include some different way of navigation to not give away distance from it.

You may ask, Well why would the distance to it be hidden? Because that is the way it is in real life. And yes I am aware that some people may not like this but I would love to be able to do those types of approaches. This would allow that.

So what are NDB’s? NDB stands for non directional beacon. it is the oldest type of instrument nav source (That I am aware of) and it would be a nice addition to have for me personally. It would make for some challenging approaches in some places.
This is an example of an NDB approach. It is a non-precision approach that in most cases just gets you to a point at which you could see the airport and perform a circling maneuver to land.
What this would include:

  • NDB navigation data
  • a different way to tune it to your navigation
  • a way to tell ATC you are on an NDB approach. (If allowed by approach controller)
  • and telling pilots that charts are needed for it.
    If anything else would be useful feel free to let me know.

I did not find a similar topic to this. but please let me know if there is one.

Some NDBs are already in the game. I know when I shoot the ILS in game at my home airport it is there

yeah but it would currently give you the distance to it. NDB’s dont give you distance just direction in real life. I know the one at the airport I fly to all the time in Infinite Flight doesn’t have the NDB and I do want to get that to do the approach. You are a pilot, I am sure you know that