NDB navigation. Is this how to do it?

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There’s a question which has been bugging me recently, the way to do an NDB navigation.
I departed earlier on, around 1130Z from NTAA towards KLAX, followed the SID below to the letter. After turning to the 326 heading, I set the Moorea(MO) NDB to ADF1, set the BRG1 arrow to the ADF1 frequency and flew until the appropriate time to execute the right turn to align with the 26 radial of the MO NDB, with the arrow pointed towards 206 while I was on hdg 026. At the end, I managed to complete the NDF part of the SID and I was at the right place.

The SID I opted for out of Pape’ete

The HUD view. Note the heading 026 and the arrow being centered pointing towards 206.

So, is this the only way to use these NDBs or is there another method yet to be introduced to Infinite Flight?


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At PASTI3E you have to fly an arc, that can be done with an NDB as well (even it is a short one here, and it is flown around the VOR).
How to fly an arc:

The PASTI3E is okay. I was doing the IKELO3E departure.

yes you did this correctly.

IKELO3E = climb straight ahead, at 500’ turn LEFT to 326 degrees (max 205IAS) and then intercept 026 bearing from MO NDB to IKELO.

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