NCA 748F, Qantas 744ER (Special livery), Swiss A333

Title says it all:

Nippon Cargo Airlines Boeing 747-8F:


Came in for a rare afternoon arrival. Usually arrives in the middle of the night making photos near impossible.

Qantas Boeing 747-400ER:


VH-OEJ pictured here. I forget the livery name but here it is. For some reason, routed BNE-LAX-JFK versus the regular SYD-LAX-JFK… @Rotate I think a long time ago you wanted a Qantas 747-400ER so here it is.

Swiss International Airlines Airbus A330-300:





I think they named it the Qantas Socceroo livery.

That 748 tho!

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No problem. Took far too long IMO 😂.

Kinda disappointed it was a special livery because I wanted a standard 747-400ER since after all there’s a 5/6 chance of getting a photo of one, but also felt kinda priveleged to get the 1/6 chance.

Anyway, glad you like it.

you also forgot 747-438er Qantas special livery wunala (kangaroo) dreaming (VH-OEJ) image

Not my photo


@anon1277151, This is not the place for feature suggestions!

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Qantas aviation soccer bang my favourite plane

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A330 aren’t available

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Great photos! What camera do you use

Thanks, Nikon D40X


I was talking about the previous liveries the 747-400ER pictured in the main post had been painted in

I love these pictures! The Swiss A333 is gone though.