NBSYT's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ KJKA

I am open at KJKA on the training server.

Runways 9 and 35 in use.

no large aircraft.

GA aircraft only. CCX is available for this airport.


Ima be there soon!

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If you want more practice your better off trying out single runway airports and allowing larger aircraft, as not everyone feels comfortable flying GA. I would come tho but I’m eating

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Airport is now closed. Ill be on tommrow.

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Expect feedback from me soon!

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Hey, @NBSYT! Thanks for the ATC service!

Feedback from OK-LOL!

03:25:34: Take-Off Clearance was great!

The "Go Around’ was also great!

Note: Since I requested departure to the West, I was not going to remain in the pattern for touch and go. So, after reaching 1000ft AGL, you should have sent me the “Frequency Change Approved”.

03:28:07: When I requested inbound for landing, you should have issued me a pattern entry, In this case, should have been, "OK-LOL, Enter Left Downwind, Runway 9" followed by “OK-LOL, number 1, runway 9, cleared for the option, after the option, make left traffic” command.

03:31:15: You did not give any instructions for the “Executing Missed Approach” command. It should have been, “Go Around, Make left traffic, runway 35”.

When I requested runway changes, you did not give any pattern entry for the new runways, followed by a clearance.

Transition altitude was too low at 2000ft, It should have been 3000ft. Its 2500ft + airport
Then round it up to the nearest 500.

The “Frequency Change Approved” was not given when departing your airspace.

The “Exit Runway” command was not used, even though I requested Inbound for landing.

Note: I had to Go Around three times because landing clearance was not given even though I reported my position multiple times. You only sent me the “Roger” command.

I would suggest that for your next session, you choose a bigger airport so that more people can participate because they might not feel as comfortable as you when flying GA. This way everyone can bring any aircraft they wish.

The second suggestion is that you should control both, Tower and Ground at the same time. Not only you will have better control over the traffic around the airport but you will learn to control both positions.

Other than that everything was great!

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Tag me on your next, I will try to make it!

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I havent done ATC in a very long while. ill keep up the notes.

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