NBSYT’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ KLAX

I am currently doing the Departure side of things at KLAX on the training server so come on by and let me direct you to your destination!

This should be in the #atc category. @NBSYT

If you want people to stop by, start an ATC tracking thread.

well i couldnt find the category

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Push edit title and edit the category and search for ATC I believe.

yea i found it

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Here, use this format for the title:

NBSYT’s ATC Tracking Thread [OPEN] @ KLAX

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LAX is a very poor choice for hosting an atc tracking thread, since basically everyone goes there.

We recommend you open an underused airport, such as Austin or Calgary


im on the Departure

ATC Tracking threads are mainly used for feedback, so I would say the opposite.

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Acting as Departure is not suitable for a tracking thread.

If you are really joining IFATC, in which you don’t appear to be, please only open Ground and Tower.

Atc tracking threads are for serious work only.


When trying to become IFATC, you should not rush in head first to the biggest and busiest airport you can find. Its better to start off slow so you can learn how to better give quality service rather than a large quantity of service. This is true when learning any new ability. Think about it as learning to walk before learning to run. It would be better to open an airport with two parallel runways(OMDB for example) with 4-5 aircraft in the pattern to practice for IFATC. @NBSYT is it your intention to join IFATC?


im at 174 operations so yea

Thats a long time to operate ATC stations buddy

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If you want to build up your ATC operations, go to large airports and control ground and/or tower. You don’t need an ATC tracking thread for that, unless you want feedback on your operating skills. In that case, you should operate at smaller airports, like @Claudio and @Guxk said above.

I would not recommend KLAX judge the frequency you are opening.Try another less busier airport. I also recommend doing Tower and ground. You have a long way until you will be doing Radar controlling

check here for more info

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alright someone can close this now

It doesn’t need to be closed, unless you want it to.

yea i want it to