Navy plane help

Anyone know the purpose of this plane? 6 have landed at my home airport KMOB in the last 30minutes. Very odd for this particular airport


Ohh holy ! This is the P-8 Poseidon (it is a Multimission Maritime Aircraft and reconnaissance I think :))


I’d also be willing to bet it’s one guy doing patterns not six aircraft. I know P-8s have popped up to pittsburgh to do some laps, pretty cool spot!

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Thanks. Just very odd for this small regional airport when there is a larger airport in the city and also a naval airstation 40 miles away.

Nice catch! Pretty sure the poseidon’s are stationed at the Whidbey Air Force Base up in Washington. beauty plane

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They probably come out there because you have a runway and that’s all they need, no traffic to compete with, I’m surprised they don’t do it more

Just for some background, the P-8 Poseiden is built around of the Boeing 737-800.

Washington State to southern Alabama is a looong haul just for the hell of it

Not really, it’s less than 5 hours.

Did some research, they’re also stationed out of Jacksonvilles Naval Air Base, and I think they have some in Hawaii. also some are stationed in Japan i’m pretty sure

Very cool. Now my head is just spinning on what brought them here but glad I was able to get at least a bad pic

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probably just a training mission :)

It’s a wild cloud!!! Take it out!!!

Nice catch @AUblake! I had a military plane fly over my house just now and I don’t know if it’s a fighter or a C17. I was not home, I’m going off what someone who was home said.

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That’s really cool. For some reason the winglets look really cool on the plane. I get Ospreys and Blackhawks fly over my house all the time By the way

Pretend you never saw this and go about your day lol

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Wish I could have got more pics but was pretty cool to see this/these birds fly right over the house

Yeah they are in high demand the RAF recently received there first one the order was in 2016 for 9 of them worth 3.9 billion.