Navy plane help

Anyone know the purpose of this plane? 6 have landed at my home airport KMOB in the last 30minutes. Very odd for this particular airport


Ohh holy ! This is the P-8 Poseidon (it is a Multimission Maritime Aircraft and reconnaissance I think :))


I’d also be willing to bet it’s one guy doing patterns not six aircraft. I know P-8s have popped up to pittsburgh to do some laps, pretty cool spot!

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Thanks. Just very odd for this small regional airport when there is a larger airport in the city and also a naval airstation 40 miles away.

Nice catch! Pretty sure the poseidon’s are stationed at the Whidbey Air Force Base up in Washington. beauty plane

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They probably come out there because you have a runway and that’s all they need, no traffic to compete with, I’m surprised they don’t do it more

Just for some background, the P-8 Poseiden is built around of the Boeing 737-800.

Washington State to southern Alabama is a looong haul just for the hell of it

Not really, it’s less than 5 hours.

Did some research, they’re also stationed out of Jacksonvilles Naval Air Base, and I think they have some in Hawaii. also some are stationed in Japan i’m pretty sure

Very cool. Now my head is just spinning on what brought them here but glad I was able to get at least a bad pic

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probably just a training mission :)

It’s a wild cloud!!! Take it out!!!

Nice catch @AUblake! I had a military plane fly over my house just now and I don’t know if it’s a fighter or a C17. I was not home, I’m going off what someone who was home said.

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That’s really cool. For some reason the winglets look really cool on the plane. I get Ospreys and Blackhawks fly over my house all the time By the way

Pretend you never saw this and go about your day lol

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Wish I could have got more pics but was pretty cool to see this/these birds fly right over the house

Yeah they are in high demand the RAF recently received there first one the order was in 2016 for 9 of them worth 3.9 billion.

2 of the 9 - Royal Air Force Poseidon MRA1s ZP801 / ZP802, arrived March 2020 from NAS Jacksonville. They our being operated by 120 Sqn & 201 Sqn based at RAF Lossiemouth on the Moray Firth in Scotland.

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Those aircraft overfly my house all the time!! And during the summer, our country club is in the approach path they take into NAS JAX so they over fly very very low. This is quite a sight for all the kids playing in the pool and of course lol, me.

Nice, you’ll be seeing more RAF P-8 Poseidon’s more frequently as they transition from the Boeing Plant in Seattle to NAS Jacksonville, in preparation for their ferry flight to the UK.