Navy Fighter Squadron - Infinite Flight Squadron VF-142

Hi all,

If anyone would be interested in joining a Navy Fighter Squadron based out of the SoCal region, Ghost Squadron is looking for some new members. Anyone can join in by finding our page on Facebook “Infinite Flight Squadron VF-142”, one of the admins will accept your request.

This squadron is in homage to the real VF-142 Ghost Squadron that was deactivated, and we will be operating in and around the San Diego area along with the High Desert and Eastern California mountain ranges. We will be patrolling in Navy fighter jets… taking off in staggered pair,s and flying in small groups with various missions. Feel free to PM me for more details or questions.


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Scarr007 out of Miramar, represent VMFA-212 will meet and greet you above FL200, Hard Deck FL105, in SoCal on occasion… ACM is the name of the game swabby. Semper Fi, Max Sends


At least have different squadron liveries. However, only the squadron leaders are the ones fully painted, second in command(s) have their tails fully painted, then the rest have almost like a “shadow” painting of their squadron mascot/ symbol. So I’m almost certain that IF would choose the flight lead paint scheme, and of course everyone would choose that anyways if they had the option between the 3.

What does “VF” mean?

It’s a code for a fighter squadron. It’s supposed to be VFA since the single-role fighters are no more. FA meaning fighter/attack. So everything is multirole now

You mean CAG birds right?

@Peter_Siviglia… Max Sez… Ah the “Sissey Sailor Paint Scheme”. It’s a great VID marker for ACM. Go for the leader! You squids crack me up. What your call sign Pete “Maverick”. Lookin for ya, watch the Sun! Semper Fi, VMFA-212 Sends

Easy there bud! I’m not making fun of the marines now! And yeah, navy and marine pilots are definitely the most badass out of the military

But it does mean that the Navy flight leads have bigger balls than marine flight leads. Just saying…

@Peter_Siviglia… Navy/Marine, both are Naval Aviators… “Bigger Balls”. It a state of mind! The last time I was called Bud lad you where not even a gleem in your daddies eye! Marine is alway capitalized squidley and never forget it.
Like your style like to meet you in the air some time and see what ya got.
Regards, Max