I have a question to the developers of this fantastic mobile flight sim: Would it be possible, in the future, to have a link / integration between IF and Navigraph? I think it would make the experience more realistic and enjoyable (at least for us with Navigraph subscriptions). :)


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That depends if people develop that ability. For now I would say not in the neer future.

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The demand for the SimLink feature to be used for IF is not enough at this point, as many are not willing to spend money outside of a mobile sim for charts. There are many free sources for charts and the incentive of a SimLink feature is not a big enough incentive for most people. So, for now, we just have to wait for the demand to increase, if it ever does.


Thanks for your response. I understand it’s a question of demand and willingness of spending extra money for a charts and flight planning service (in return of a higher grade of realism imo). I think Navigraph is popular amongst desktop flight simmers, and for those that also enjoys IF it would be neat to be able to use the service for both desktop and IF flying :)


@Robin_Oijer I emailed Navigraph some time ago-it’s 100% possible if the IF devs wish to implement it down the line-this would be for worldwide navdata-with a subscription to that you get the charts cloud as well.


Thanks for your reply 👍

@jasonrosewell Is Navigraph integration with IF something you would consider?

We’ve looked into this extensively. It’s not a simple matter of just adding it since there are many development implications. Having said that, it’s not something that’s out of the question. That’s about all we can say for now.