Navigraph Tutorial?


I have for a while been wanting to use the services Navigraph provide, however i dont know how to use it for IF/along side IF. So i have created this topic to get some help and maybe the steps you take when starting a flight and how you use Navigraph. The more detail the better.

Many Thanks

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Also can you link IF to it?

Hi Alex,

Navigraph is good for calculating fuel and finding a realistic FPL. As far as I am aware, there is currently no tutorial on Navigraph.

First, I would find a SID & STAR procedure. By inserting the coordinates in, I believe Navigraph will insert them into an FPL that suits your needs. From there I believe you can copy the FPL and put it into Infinite Flight. I am not the most familiar with Navigraph, so I’m sure somebody else might provide a better answer, but I hope what I wrote helps you out.

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Thanks for your reply, i forgot we has YouTube but I’m still unsure with how it works with IF.

I have a Navigraph account. It’s dosent link up with Infinite Flight like it does with some of the PC sims. I use it as and a easy way to find SID and Star charts and it gives you up to date AIRAC for SimBrief. Its not very expensive but I’m still not convinced that it’s worth the money.


I pay for it due to SimBrief and I think it is really nice to have the latest AIRAC. Is it worth it? Not sure… but it is nice :)

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