Navigraph SimLink for Geo Referenced Plates (Moving Maps)

Using Navigraph SimLink on a laptop, would it be possible to get the Moving Maps feature to work with Infinite Flight?

Is there any way that Navigraph SimLink on my laptop can integrate with IF on iOS if they are on the same network? Basically so I can see the geo referenced charts on my laptop whilst flying on the iPad.

If it can be done, would this have to be done by Navigraph or FDS? Or could it be done by a third party? (Like how LiveFlight Connect works)

Sorry for my lack of knowledge and if this has been asked before. But it would be incredible if this can be done!

Find below an image from Navigraph’s FB page explaining how SimLink works with simulators to get their position on the Charts.


" This is a schematic picture of how the aircraft position is sent from your simulator, via the Navigraph servers, to the Charts software. You can see the Simulator, the plugin software the simulator loads on startup to get the aircraft position, the Simlink client which posts the position to the Navigraph server (which we have called traffic server all this time during development), and Charts of course, which queries the position every second. The big fuzzy cloud in the middle represents the Internetz over which all of this position data is transmitted at the speed of light. "

-Information from Navigraph FB page


I would love if this were possible. I just got a Navigraph subscription and used the charts for a flight today. The convenience of having all these charts readily available is amazing.


I posted on the Navigraph forums asking whether they would consider adding Sim Link support for Infinite Flight.

They said they would consider it when they felt there was enough demand, something they feel is not currently there.

Hopefully with the progress IF is making year on year, eventually Navigraph Sim Link capability will be added to IF to make flying the charts a bit more fun!


I’d have to say that demand surely exists now. Personally I don’t own an iPad so connecting to foreflight wouldn’t even be possible so being able to use navigraph on my Mac is really cool. I don’t think foreflight it worth the cost if I’m not flying IRL. Navigraph is great because its for flight sim only and I can put my money into that without regret. I’m not sure how many users IF has but it’s definitely tens of thousands I’d imagine so hopefully they’ll take advantage.


I asked them close to a year ago and they said the same thing 😦

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Yep, your post was the one I was directed to.

As mentioned above by @Chad_Garnett, hopefully there’ll be enough demand for Navigraph to reconsider this in the future.

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Hopefully people will start flying more realistically. Navigraph said before when I emailed that they could update an initial batch of data (cycle) to IF at no cost to the devs and then subscribers could get updated cycles.

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hear hear! It would be awesome to have that! Any update?


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The USA is now fully covered the devs figured out how to make it happen. I believe they’re working on other things now for the rear of the world

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Thanks. I meant the moving map bit…

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I would love to have that. I too just got a subscription and it would be really helpful.

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