Navigraph SimLink for Geo Referenced Plates (Moving Maps) (Part 2)

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Further to the first post, has there been any development on this? Any demand? Would be such a cool feature, which I understand is already available in ther software (forget the name)…


Hello! I do remember the previous thread about this, and I don’t think anything has changed significantly since then, but a developer can correct me if there have been changes. Here’s the thread for anyone who wants to read into the previous discussion:

I would love to have this feature, as I currently have a subscription, but I believe that there is not enough demand for the Infinite Flight Devs to consider linking the two programs up. Here are some other reasons I have thought of that might be true:

Since this is Payware and was not designed for IF, it is not very well advertised on IF. The main reason people buy the subscription to Navigraph is to get up-to-date AIRAC Cycles in software such as X-Plane, and since IF has up-to-date Nav Data, this is not required. Even though some of us who use IF have a subscription with this feature, I don’t think the developers would be as willing to work with a Third-party app that was not intended for IF as much as other ones (ie. IF Assistant, IF Passangers, etc.), that such a minority of the community uses.

To sum up: Along with the Navigraph Devs not being interested in working with IF because of demand issues, I believe that the IF Devs are more focussed on working with other free and Designed-for-IF third-party apps, that they would rather spend their time working with other developers who are making apps specifically for IF. I would love to see support for this in the future though!

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Navigraph is similar to Foreflight which is compatible with IF if you didn’t know. Unfortunately having Foreflight doesn’t really make sense if you don’t fly irl so Navigraph is a much cheaper and makes sense for that casual flight simmer to own. Who knows if the devs have looked into it or not but it would definitely make sense.

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I am aware that ForeFlight is compatible with IF. There are two reasons that I can think of as to why it is compatible with IF, and not Navigraph:
1.) Its compatibility was introduced early on into IF’s life and most/all of the Devs are RL pilots, so they were already using ForeFlight and we’re interested in getting compatible with IF. Therefore, they decided to put it in to the Sim and overlooked the compatibility with Navigraph. Also, since it has been a while since they looked into compatibility, they could have other priorities at the moment.
2.) They could have also seen on the forum that more people were RL pilots and very few people have mentioned that they have a Navigraph subscription and decided that the demand was higher for ForeFlight, a real world application, than for a Sim add-on in Navigraph, and decided to only include the ForeFlight compatibility for the time being.

I still agree that the Devs should add this feature in the future, as it would make the Navigraph subscription more worthwhile. I could still be wrong if compatibility is in the works, but a Dev can correct me on that one.

But is it the Devs who need to do something about it, or navigraph people, or both?

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The Devs can correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure the IF Devs just have to make sure SimLink can pick it up as a simulator because SimLink already detects simulators. But it could also be a problem with IF being a mobile Simulator, so the Navigraph Devs would also have to make sure that SimLink can pick up mobile Sims, as SimLink currently only picks up Computer Sims. It would be great to have a Dev’s input on this, though, as they would know more about this than most.

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