Navigraph releases 2019 Survey Results

Take a look here!

What’s really cool is this statistic:


This is awesome! Thanks for sharing :)


Great to see! Especially the use of Infinite Flight as a Simulator ”Most of the time“ and ”Frequently“ is great for high user/flight numbers.

Thanks for providing the information!


Very goooooooodddddddddd!!! Thanks for your share!

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Now that’s incredible, IF passed those other sims by a mile! Thank you for sharing!


Its crazy how people think a flight sim needs all the bells a whistles to be successful. Infinite Flight does simple better than anybody and that’s why they are the top mobile sim consistently.


That’s pretty cool!
Infinite Flight deserves it :)


nice…to see the result .Are we getting any software support/collaboration with navigraph with IF…like moving map or nav data ?

A Navigraph subscription alone costs almost the same as a PRO sub.


Nice…thanks for sharing!

Here the navigraph prices

And would be worth every penny for what their app does.

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No arguments there :)

With only 14% of those surveyed showing they use a mobile sim, that definitely shows there’s a huge market left which is kind of surprising. The results in 3.5.3 Mobile Simulator Feature Importance is very interesting, you’d think multiplayer would be more of a must.

Well deserved IF team! Glad to see so many people appreciate IF 😃

And just like PRO for a year it is well worth it.

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Yep. But my reply was more to using it with IF only. For real world, totally different story. Definitely worth it!

I am not talking about subscription ,i am having navigraph subscription,i am talking about like xplane10 mobile has a feature like they can link with navigraph and can see moving plane in navigraph world chart which pin points your location in the navigraphchart(moving map).Is this feature possible to get in IF!

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Not at the moment, but it’s not impossible we’ll have that later on :) It’s been brought up somewhere before.

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Good…nice to hear that