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I had a question regarding Navigraph. My first question is does it connect and work well with Infinite Flight? My second question is do you think it’s worth it for Infinite Flight?

for your first question, I don’t use navigraph so I don’t know if it connects with infinite flight however I do know that is does work well with infinite flight because it tells you procedures that the standard sids and stars that infinite flight gives you do not. for your second question I personally think it is not worth it for infinite flight, that’s just me, do what you want.

However for other simulators navigraph is a great investment

Use Simbrief

Navigraph is with Simbrief.

No it doesn’t. You can try FLT Plan Go. It’s an offshoot Garmin product I think. Works and free. I’m hoping they will one day get Navigraph linked.


Well… For me, Navigraph works very well for checking charts. If you have the financial means and want to try the experience for a month, I think it’s worth it.

My cockpit with the screen on the side with navigraph.

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