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I tried foreflight but first of all it is vey expensive and does not link well to sim flight plan services like simBrief. With the extension of IF to include SIDS/STARS I think the time is right to build in the capability for navigraph. Navigraph now includes iPad apps. Which means they have navigated away from the desktop sim world and to the mobile realm. It has been discussed in the past but given the update to 20.1 I say we restart the conversation. Navigraph

What capabilities were you thinking of.


Yeah, what would it do? Show charts in app?


The moveable maps functionality. Specifically in the navigraph charts app we could have real time position of the aircraft so that we can use the SID/STAR APPROACH plates and see our location. This will be the same functionally ForeFlight gives us but at half the price and linked with simbrief.


I mean that could be useful - but could be laggy.

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For what I know there is nothing we can do, it’s responsibility of the Navigraph team to make possible the connection between Navigraph SimLink and Infinite Flight.

I really hope the staff team try to contact Navigraph in the future


Unrelated to the request, but I wish Navigraph had an iPhone app.


Yeah. I just use safari and go to It works just like the app.

I definitely cleared a vote for this! This would be very helpful! :D

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I went to the navigraph forum and questioned the possibility of Simlink with infinite flight. The director replied that the demand for IF pilots is very low. I believe it takes a lot of work. If you have a number of pilots who use navgraph to fly in IF, there is possibility to implement. Which would be awesome.


Just chiming in to say that ForeFlight does everything that you’ve mentioned just as well if not better than Navigraph if you learn the app well. But as you said, quite expensive

the problem with ForeFlight is that it’s iOS only, Android users sit in the grease about it

I should also note that Navigraph integrates with SimBrief, and the subscription is what gives you access to latest airac cycles. Otherwise you may end up with flightaware flight plans being invalid in simbrief. This is actually not as big of a deal as before because you can just use the garmin export on skyvector instead.

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I wrote to them and about SimLink on infinite flight. For now nothing is programmed, but in the future it will propose the possibility of having simlink.
Let’s wait and hope it works.

It would be awesome🙂🙏


Bump cause i love using Navi graph and would like this to be a thing in IF

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Would love to see this!