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Hi fellow pilots
I am fairly new all round and have been trying various outlets for flight planning.
Do any of you currently use navigraph app for creating flight plans and if so do you know how to copy flight plan from navigraph to infinite flight ?

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I use SimBrief (Navigraph) flight plans and for all I know there is no way to seamlessly copy just waypoints/VOR flight plans to IF from SimBrief. I just type in the waypoints/VORs (and use the built in SID/STAR database for SIDs and STARs) manually.


I recommend using, which is easy to copy into IF’s flight plan system.


Suppose I have such a flight plan

After copying this, we spawn at the departure airport we determined in our flight plan.

We paste our copied flight plan instead of the search in the upper right corner on the map.

It’s quite normal to look like this.

Now you’re ready, give power to the engines


Thank you really appreciate all the replies.
I had been using simbrief quite frequently but I wanted more detail within flight plan for example altitude on approaches as sometimes I have to adjust in flight to not get too close to terrain at say ksfo.
I wondered if some flight plan data sites help with this ?

SimBrief gives you altitudes for each waypoint in your flight plan. If you ensure you have a SID and STAR in your plan it will give you altitudes (and this works very well - most of the time).

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I recommend this website since it converts .KML file to .FPL files which is use in Infinite Flight. You have to download the flight plan from SimBrief then paste the .KML file to the .KML to .FPL file converter.


I use Simbrief for making my flight plans.

What I do is, copy the routing simbrief gives me before generating the flight plan excluding SIDs and STARs, and then go on and use the “Route Decoder” function. Input the departure ICAO code, paste the routing from simbrief in between, and then put the Arrival ICAO code at the end. Click Generate and then select “Infinite Flight”.
It should give you the waypoints compatible with Infinite Flight, and then just copy that and input it into IF. Don’t forget to add the SIDs and STARs manually.

Thats how I plan my flights.


I use the navigraph app, simbrief and the fpltoif website to create, convert and input my flight plan into the sim.

The fpltoif is great because you can convert your simbrief flight plan into a compatible flight plan that works with Infinite Flight.

If you get the navigraph subscription you have access to the app and simbrief which is definitely worth it.

I’ll link them below

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There is actually an easier way to do simbrief from that site, if you use this link

Then you can just type your simbrief username in and get all the details directly. Downloading the .fpl is more accurate than just copy/pasting the waypoint string as the .fpl will include all the waypoints even if IF doesn’t have then in its database


Really appreciate everyone who helped posted with all the info.
Thanks again

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