Navigation update failed

As you can see I was starting infinite flight and it was loading navigation update and failed due to internet connectivity.
My internet connection is fine has anyone else had this problem or is it just me?

Might wanna try a re-install. If closing and re-opening doesn’t work.

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I’ve closed every app that I could and restarted my device and it hasn’t affected the app so that might work

Reset your router if that doesn’t work

Ok I’ll try and report back to you

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I tried deleting some pictures but that didn’t work any other ideas are gladly accepted

Delete Infinite Flight —> totally turn off device —> power it back up —> reinstall Infinite Flight

Ok I will thank you for the help appreciate it!

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No problem! I’ll try and help as long as I can and until I have run out of ideas!

It worked thank you for all the help you have given me I really appreciate it

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Hey no problem! Enjoy those new edited airports!