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I don’t know if this is a duplicate but let’s get started. Once contacted with the ground and we request taxi the tower would acknowledge this and say some thing like " Taxi to gate XXX" and right before this message our navigation would be set to the parking. I know I am bad at explaining but hopefully you understanded it


I don’t see what you mean here

He means the gps. One, it’s super unrealistic. Two, they have these things called airport diagrams. Look em up


Airport diagrams are super useful, however the scenery in IF isn’t labeled with gate numbers. Not to say that that’s entirely necessary anyways, but it is a missing detail. @TheNorthernAviatorz I believe you can search for airport diagrams right here on the forums, a lot of members have uploaded many of them.


It would be very hard to implement and it’s not exactly what everyone wants. I think people would prefer global or new planes

Most definitely, and I absolutely agree.

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I like your idea a lot. You did a very good job explaining this topic. I think this would be very useful for extra realism when using specific airline liverys. Like say “American 1717 requesting gate b15” “American 1717 cleared to taxi to gate b15” and at this point it would be on the map. Evan just airport diagrams on the map would be nice.

“extra realism” however, this is not realistic at all. Gates are assigned by airlines, not the tower. All the tower does is say. Clear to taxi to gates via taxiway x, y and z. So for now, airport diagrams are the most realistic and easiest way to taxi to the gates. Even tho airtraffoc control can’t clear vis specific taxiways


If you use FSX, he means progressive taxi, a line drawn on the floor for you to follow. I don’t think so


Thanks I never new that, but it would be nice for airport diagrams on the maps to pop up.

Maybe when we get live displays. Because some aircraft do have this function in real life. Also. Forflight has this function too

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Ya that would be awesome, because some times I fly southwest KLAX to KSAN and I always wonder witch gate is the right one for Southwest.

That’d you would have to look up online. The airport diagrams don’t say “southwest gates” so you’d have to look up what gates Southwest uses at that airport, find them on thebairport diagram, and use that to taxi


If you use Google and/or google images, for any airport, and type for example “San Diego airport terminal map” you will find about 20 diagrams of each terminal, their gate numbers, and the airlines that use them. Most IF airports have a generally accurate layout, ramp area, and you can make out most of the terminal shapes from the dark coloured ashphalt, plus the taxiway lines lead into each gate (again, most gates are very accurate).

It’s not hard to simply compare a real world diagram to IF, and taxi to the correct terminal and gate after landing. If you are departing, again, use Google to find real real world diagrams of the gate numbers, and select a corresponding gate to the aircraft and livery you are flying. I hate seeing an Emirates A380 sitting at a 737 gate at the Southwest terminal 1 at LAX!


For example

. lAX diagram

I actually timed myself: it took me 46 seconds to Google it, find it, save it, and post it on here. Compare @Rodney_Buckland diagram he posted, with this terminal map, and you have all your answers. It’s that simple with every airport.


Ya I’ve done that I just have trouble deciphering wich is wich. Maybe in Infinite flight we could have gate numbers

It’s hard to see the 13 but that’s what I mean.

I know right

I see what you mean… they just haven’t been drawn in and rendered yet. This is similar to other requests to have each of the actual taxiway names added in too.

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