Navigation System Messed Up

I just had to end a flight because my navigation system was messing up. Every time I turned on LNAV on autopilot my plane would go completely off course, at first it would turn left, and then I changed something else it would then starting turning right. Which was not on my flight course which was going from LGA- CLT.

I tried doing the best I could but I wasn’t going to manually fly a plane for a hour, plus my phone was about to die so I just ended the flight, someone please help me so I won’t run into this next flight. Thank you

(Sorry if this is wrong topic, I’m new to this)

Usually, an unexpected turn in direction is caused by having an incorrect selection for NAV source (GPS, Nav1, Nav2), or else a waypoint activation occurring in an unexpected order.

An unexpected waypoint activation usually occurs from a turn being too tight to trigger each waypoint in sequence. This happens because waypoints are too close together for the aircraft to make the turn to hit the waypoint.

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I did accidently change one of the NAV sources when I was at the gate but I didn’t pay any attention to it. The problem is that after departure, the way points were at a decent spacing from each other but it kept going in a unexpected turn that wasn’t on the FP.

Did you select GPS as a source? (Did you track any waypoints correctly, or none of them?)

You need to make sure that the NAV SOURCE is set to GPS. If it is set to NAV1, it will go to intercept what ever VOR radial or runway localiser that you have tuned. NAV2 will do the same. GPS follows the flight plan route.

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I Did and Its fixed, tysm

I just fixed it, it works good now. Thank you so much

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It’s fixed now, you can close the topic :)

Glad it worked for you!