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For some reason, I can’t post anything in „Features“ so I post it here.

I have two ideas regarding the Navigation in Infinite Flight.

1. Second Flightplan
There should be a possibility to create a second flightplan, simultaneously while using the first one. This allows you to easily create a new flightplan in case you need to divert to another destination, or to avoid weather. You can switch between both flighplans, so you have a smooth transfer.

2. Holding Mode
This idea is a additional Autopilot mode. Once it’s activated, your airplane holds in a standard holding pattern, at the present position. This would help, in case you need more time for the planing of your approach, or in case you’re approaching a busy airport and the controller asks you to enter a holding pattern.

I think that those two ideas would help to improve the Navigation in IF.

Thank you, FDS for your amazing work! Global is really astonishing.

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