Navigation Question

Hello !
I watched all the possible tutorials but they didn’t help me very much…
Can someone explain to me please what’s the thing with the VOR’s , ADF’s and new ILS procedures ?
I’ll appreciate it very much !
Thank you !

Check out that post regarding what VOR NAV is.

The new system allows you to switch NAV sources. IE, when you turn on your NAV, depending on the source, your plane will fly to one of 3 options: GPS, NAV 1 and NAV2.

GPS is your flight plan. If this is your source, your plane will fly on the pink line.

NAV 1 and NAV 2 can be selected as either approaches or VORs. Tyler’s NAV tutorial explains how to set these two NAVs.

You can set your source using the source button. Again, you can choose between GPS, NAV 1 and NAV 2.

CRS 1&2 will allow you to change your heading while flying towards NAV 1&2.

I’m not 100% certain what BRG does yet, but @DeerCrusher has a great tutorial to read up on:


BRG shows the bearing to the navaid on the HUD

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