Navigation Modes for HUD


It would be awesome if we could have different navigation modes on the HUD. This is what I envision:

  • Have a “Navigation Mode” selector on the HUD where you can select between GPS, VOR, ILS, ADF or TACAN.

  • Selecting a navigation mode will display appropriate symbology on the HUD for that mode.

  • We will have a “Course” selector where we can select what course we want to fly for the selected navigation mode. The course selector will be similar to the “Heading” selector we already have for the autopilot. Once you set a course, your symbology will adjust accordingly to show if your tracking on course or offset.

  • To select a nav aid (ex: A VOR, NDB, etc) you will go into map view and touch that item (for ILS, you can touch the ILS runway at an airport). The navigation system will automatically lock onto that nav aid. All you have to do is select the course you want to fly with the course selector.

  • The NAV autopilot can fly the course you wish to fly to the nav aid. APPCH autopilot will still fly the localizer and glideslope on the ILS.

Feel free to comment, thanks!

I’m not sure how this is going to work for FDS, because they are already working their butts of just for IF. But, I sorta like it though.

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We already have ILS & VORs in the sim so some of the Nav aids are already there. To makes this happen would probably require adding the nav mode feature and continuing to build up the nav aid database. Easier said than done but I believe its possible!

Alright I’ve seen enough on this that I’m gonna post a thread on a flight director. I’ve been waiting a while… I’ll post up the thread and link this in-cause there’s a bunch of feature requests that are kinda related to a flight director type of thing.