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So when I set a flight plan, it never sets it up so that it lines up with a runway, how do I make it so it auto lines up with the runway when I create the flight plan, Thanks!

Edit: Okay so this was solved thanks for the support, also @BigBert10 i would also put you as the solution, but I can only put 1 solution

Just add the waypoints that line up with the runway.

It won’t auto line for you.

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You can do what @BigBert10 said, but keep in mind not all airports have waypoints on the runway.

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Go Direct to the first point on the fpln and “keep existing” plan one ur lined up. Or plan it from ur parking space to a point on the approach end of the active runway, then the departure end then the rest of ur route.

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Oh, wow i’m a noob lol, thanks!

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Don’t call yourself a noob unless you are joking like me.

One of my favorite quotes: A good pilot is always learning. - Captain Joe

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Aww thanks bud, will do. Nice quote by the way 👍🏻

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Although you didn’t ask for this I felt that this would really help you with your learning stage of flight planning. Also make sure to check out #tutorials to find a lot of the starting questions that a pilot usually asks during their first learning stage.

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