Navigation Editing

Hey everyone :)
In this topic, I want to introduce you to a less known part of the airport editing: navigation data editing. Lots of people don’t know what we do or that we even exist, so I hope you’ll understand better our objective and role.

What do we do?

We are responsible for all the navigation data in Infinite Flight. More precisly, these are the things we edit:

  • ILS approaches (LOC and glideslope)
  • Waypoints
  • Airways
  • Marker beacons

Most of them are pretty self-explanatory, but we’ll go further into one of our most common tasks: handling ILS approaches.
You probably saw many edited airports in the giant tracking thread. When the airport editors redesign these airport to bring them as close to reality as possible, they sometimes have to adjust the runway’s position and height. If the airport has at least one ILS equipped runway, they have to let us know by creating an issue on GitHub. We then adjust the ILS files accordingly to make sure everything will work properly. However, we are not responsible for GPS approaches, as these are generated automatically by Infinite Flight.

We basically make sure you don’t end up landing on the tarmac when using APPR.

Who are we?

We are a small team of 15 people who decided to voluntarily spend their spare time for contributing to Infinite Flight.

[details=Contributors list]4riw

I found a missing waypoint, what can I do?

It’s easy! We can add it into Infinite Flight if you PM any of the members above with the following information:

  • Waypoint name
  • Coordinates
  • Reliable source

In the future, we may offer the possibility to request waypoints through a dedicated form on our website.

An ILS approach isn’t working properly, what should I do?

Create a #support topic and we’ll fix it for you. Alternatively, you can also PM us.

Do you get paid for all of this?

Nope, we do not earn anything. Our team is a 100% voluntary organization.

Are you associated with Infinite Flight or Flying Development Studio?

Apart from Cameron, which is now an Infinite Flight developer, none of us is affiliated with them.

How do you edit navigation data?

To edit the data, you’ll need a text editor (Notepad++ is recommended) which is capable of opening JSON files. Here is a screenshot of my setup when editing an ILS approach. All of this data seems a bit scary, especially at the beginning, but I’m sure pretty much everyone which is willing to learn something new is able to edit it with some training.

I want to help you all. How can I join the team?

You’ll have to join the airport editing team first by sending an email to Once you’re in our Slack team, contact @Cameron (or) @dush19 (or) @Moritz_Babl.

As you probably noticed by now, our objective is to make Infinite Flight as realistic as possible.
I hope I answered every question of yours. If not, feel free to ask below and I, or another member listed above, would love to answer! :)



This looks realy cool, great work! I’ve always wondered who was putting all of the waypoints in.

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@dush19 Mail spamming coming in 3…2…1…


You guys are so vital for everyones Live experience, especially now with Global coming! Keep it up!


Ive always wandered who’s job that was! 😃

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Great topic, Adrien! Can’t wait to see our small nav team grow! :)


Would be nice to have more people 😂 It’s a pain to add thousands of fixes by hand 👀


I would have no idea what to even do so yeah…

Just a question for you guys,

How do you guys manage to keep up with the changing airac cycles? Does IF automatically generate all of the nav updates?

Infinite Flight does not auto generate navigation data for new AIRAC cycles. Our data was originally pulled from an old source and misses a lot of newer navigation data. As of now, we add everything manually and we’ve worked hard at adding a lot of new data. We’re looking at finding a new up-to-date dataset but everything is really expensive.


I’m guessing by the dataset you mean AIRAC’s. I may be incorrect though. I have a great website that has updated AIRAC cycles for a pretty cheap price (7£ if that). I could PM one of you guys the link :).

The website is Navigraph for those who are wondering/think it’s not a legitimate source :)

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Pretty sure that’s illegal. FDS purchasing AIRAC cycles or something similar would be very costly because it would be for commercial use (data is essentially being distributed to everyone that uses IF)


Illegal? I don’t believe so. The AIRAC’s aren’t used for real-life data cycles. They’re used for flight simulation softwares and from what i’ve heard it’s a pretty legit source. Sorry if I confused anyone.

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By dataset I mean everything from fixes to VORs.

Feel free to send the link but there’s usually some type of catch if it’s that cheap. Navigraph for example, requires that every user have a Navigraph subscription (around $60 annually) to access their navigation data. That’s not feasible.


That’s the link I was actually talking about. I ended up realizing it didn’t require a sub to purchase. You can use it as a one-time purchase for the above price.

Sorry, I meant you wouldn’t be allowed to hand the data over to FDS. I’m fairly certain that goes against Navigraph’s TOS (or wherever else you purchased the cycle from). If you actually read through it, it will probably say something about that copy you purchased not being allowed to be used for commercial purposes. Someone plz correct if I’m going bonkers!

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No. The privacy policy or TOS may have something like that in it.

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I feel your pain @Henrik , I pay $30 a year to get my data for flight simming. I can only imagine how expensive it is to find something you can directly import into IF.

Best of luck to the team, you guys do great work.

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Great job. I’ve been considering IFAE for a while, I may join very soon, same for IFATC.

What exactly do you use to import the data? With global around the corner and tons of fixes and waypoints missing how do you plan on combating that?

Have you looked into the digital product the FAA distributes every 28 days called CIFP?