Navigation display instead of map

So I was thinking about this and had an idea. instead of the map being a map it could be a navigation display found like the ones in cockpits. Like this.

This would be more realistic. And the UI would be simple. The settings button we have near the map would have all the things we want to turn on like weatger, terrain, traffic etc. And the zoom buttons could be used To zoom out and in like 10, 20,30,40 and flight plan mode.

But to make planning easier when you go on the map page. You can plan your route then when you go back it would just show The navigation display.

As I have mentioned before this is the next step to realism. Hope you enjoyed the idea.

P.s there is a topic discussing the navigation display but it’s to make it a compass view. This is to actually replace the current map with the navigation display.

I really like this idea but I feel like if we have both that would be better


I don’t get it. What do you mean?

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Yes I have included that in the description. You know when you change the screens from the HUD to the map. The map page will still be there so you can plan the route but when you go back to the HUD yow will see that display


Idk why but this looks more complicated. I believe that this would look great in a working cockpit though!


So you know how you can flip through the map area to the waypoints and different things. I think if they add this onto a seperate area keeping the big map and this one


Yh that’s a good idea. I mentioned that up there somewhere as well.


Yea I can pull out a vote

Thanks man. Really appreciate it :)

Wow!! This is actually a neat idea! I really hope to see this is the near future to add realism into IF! Thanks for sharing!

This sounds like a great idea but the map also works as an interactive navigation display, I think this feature would be best if live cockpits were to be added into the simulator!

I actually was thinking of this request recently. We have to wait what will be delivered with the A350 cockpit. I am hoping for an A350 functioning Navigation Display, but we have to wait for that, since the A350s is one of the most complete and complex glass cockpit layouts.

A350 PFD and ND



I think that the map display could use some sort of rework for airplanes that don’t have a NAV Display in their cockpits, but what you are proposing its major work. For airplanes that do have a NAV display, I think IF should focus on trying to implement the actual navigation display featured on the aircraft as working cockpits move their way into IF.

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