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I am having problems installing 21.8 on my 2018 Ipad Pro. After installing the update, upon launching the app, an error appears saying that I don’t have enough storage for the navigation database. Does anyone know how much storage that requires? I have over 7GB of space free, which seems like a lot, considering it’s a navigation database update.
Thanks for any help.

Great question!
Refer to the articles here:

If you have any other questions just ask!

Yeah, I’ve done that. As I mentioned above, I had 7 (now 9) GB of space free, and I was able to install 21.8, but the navigation database would not update as it said I didn’t have enough storage. In the past, nav updates have been able to go through when I had 2 gigs of space free, is this nav update really larger than 9 gigabytes? the app already takes 23 gigs with all my replays.

I am not aware of that, especially since they load in seconds. I guess it’s a bug

pretty sure its a bug :(, gonna have to delete and reinstall. bye bye to all my replays.

Save your replays to a Google drive or your phone’s files.

will do in the future.

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