Navigation Database Needs An Update

Hey IFC! I was flying from KATL-KFLL and I tried to copy the exact FPL, but couldn’t. This is the irl route, that I couldn’t find in IF: SMLTZ3 WALET ZPLEN TEEKY2. I also have seen this issue at more airports around the world. Idk when a navigation database will be updated, but please do it asap IF team!


Most of the navaids in that row is basically brand new. TEEKY2 was first mentioned in any documentation May 22nd 2022. In fact, all but one are less than 18 months old.

We do update these from time to time, but are unfortunately not able to keep up with every minor addition/change at this point.

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Will it be updated in 22.4 tho? @schyllberg

Yeah many VORs and waypoints (especially near airports) are missing.

The next navigation update will be in 22.5.


Are navigationupdates every other update?!

whenever they can make them

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Sometimes if you type in the VOR identifier in the search bar it shows up

The airac doesn’t come.Where it came?

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The AIRAC was updated for the US based on FAA data in 22.5. At this time, we are not planning any worldwide data updates in the near future.


Why can’t I do this IRL procedure in IF. Let me explain.

So I was doing KATL-KBHM and the irl route begins with the NASSA2 NASSA, but in IF, they don’t have where you can just end the departure procedure at the waypoint NASSA. This also happens at a lot of other airports. My question is why and will it be fixed?

Does not appear as one of the transitions?

It looks like all our SIDs have transitions for NASSA2 at KATL - for it to end at NASSA, there needs to be no transition. This may be a bug after crosschecking with ForeFlight, so we’ll look into it. Thanks for letting us know!

As a workaround for the time being, just select a transition and remove the last waypoint


But NavBlue already has them, right? I hope it doesn’t take so long to update, thanks for the reply 🙏

This is from FAA data, which we update monthly :)

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in this case, the other worldwide data, it already has them?

For this specific case, no, because it seems to be a bug in how we process it.

The worldwide data does not contain the most accurate US data, this always come from the FAA

That said, we used to source worldwide data updates from NavBlue but this isn’t ongoing at this time.

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Ok, sounds good!

Soo i think my problem can be similar to yours, during the evening i was flying from SBFZ to SBBE with the brand new Latam’s A321, and meanwhile i adjusting mine Flightplan, i noticed that the I06-Z Approach at SBBE was completely crazy, there is a photo:

Maybe is the same problem os a similar, but hope this APP can be fixed as soon as possible

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