Navigation Bug?

Hey guys, apologies if this topic is already on here I couldn’t find it. Has anyone been experiencing Nav issues on the training server? I program in my flight plan but once I hit the Nav setting on A/P it doesn’t seem to want to follow the plotted course, I’ve had it do just continuing circles as well as random crazy heading corrections causing the A/P to disengage and resulting in a few speed violations ( my bad because I wasn’t paying that much attention to it, with a few WTF calls from tower/departure.

Anyone else in the same boat?!

Nav mode has some limitations, how tight are your turns?

there’s no sporty turns in there, using approved routes from sim brief, I’m currently just flying manual heading settings to stay on course because when I hit the nave function it just starts turning me away off course.

Are you on a certain altitude or are you climbing

How were your winds?

it happens during either climb or cruise, the issue seems to always happen when I have a pre-planned route but departure vectors me off in a different direction, then once I leave departure freq, I can’t intercept my flight plan anymore

unremarkable, no real crazy weather to deal with atm.

I had this problem its as soon as you turn off nav and a section of the flight plan is active that when you turn nav back on it goes back to the heading of the active section.You will to do into maps and Act. Leg of the section you want to fly.

That is what I did . Tried to explain to the best of my abilities

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nailed it! thanks Trevor!

Anytime! Just send the help signal! 😂😂

Thanks for the help