Navidades Caleñas ( FLIGHT 1 )

The final trip report of 2023 is finally here enjoy!

I woke up today at 6:00am for my 5:45pm flight down to Cali, Colombia 🇨🇴 your probably wondering, “Why in the world did you wake up at 6am for a flight that leaves almost 12 hours later?” Well because I actually had to go to school 🏫 today, it was the final day of midterms before the winter break I had English and World History I did decent on my English but history probably failed it. I got out pretty early at 11:45am so I really only spent 2 or 3 hours at home just doing the final additions to our bags we’ll be taking. Due to Christmas 🎄🎁🎅 traffic on I-95 this weekend, we though I’d better to take the train down to Miami 🏝️😎 instead so we drove to the Tri-Rail station, hopped on the southbound train towards MIA, disembarked and got onto the MIA mover to the airport were we are at now let’s get checked in!

Flight Info

Origin: Miami Intl 🇺🇸 ( KMIA )
Destination: Alfonso Bonilla Aragon Intl 🇨🇴 ( SKCL )
Flight Time: 2:52
Boeing 737-800 ( American Airlines )
Server: Expert

I arrived at the gate extremely early in fact, I shot this the second the passengers started deplaning from their flight from Atlanta, Georgia and one of the passengers that I saw was @Udeme_Ekpo and a friend who were coming down to the 305 🏝️😎 to visit his Grandma and Aunt who he briefly visited back in October when he was here before we both went to Rome, Italy 🇮🇹 a trip to remember for sure! A while after they left, a family showed up with bags FULL of musical instruments and Santa hats. In Colombia and other Latin countries, a common Christmas 🎄🎁🎅 tradition is a novena where the family comes together 9 nights from December 16th to the 24th to pray and sing. The main reason I took this picture earlier is that this would be the only good view of the plane I’d see in the day as it would be nighttime once we arrived in Cali but boarding is beginning so let’s get in the party mood!

Here is our seat for this normally 3 hour and 10 minute flight down to Colombia 🇨🇴 pretty nice wing view, kind of salty I didn’t get the over wing exit seat but it’s fine still better than the middle seat which my poor Grandma is sitting in. Once I got comfortable there was a kid sitting in the row behind me and he was BLASTING MAYDAY AIR DISASTER not something you wanna hear on a plane and even worse, it was the one where they covered American Airlines Flight 965. For those unaware, AA 965 was a Boeing 757-200 flying this EXACT route and around the same season which crashed into a mountain due to pilot error and navigational errors. All but 4 people and a dog were lost which makes it Colombia’s 🇨🇴 DEADLIEST air accident but let’s just move on.

Taxi did take a bit of time but we were off! I don’t like how dark it is because in the summer, I’d still be daylight at this point and we would have BEAUTIFUL sunset 🌅 over Jamaica 🇯🇲 but not this time because of Daylight Savings smh.

BYE MIAMI 🏝️😎👋 see you next Saturday! Off we go to the capital of Salsa!

We climbed up to FL350 over Cuba 🇨🇺 for this iconic route and the flight attendants soon began their service. It was the normal snacks and drinks offered on almost all of their short - mid haul flights. Had myself a biscoff cookie with a Coke. I’m gonna still give the crew 4 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ simply from their mood, they were all Colombian 🇨🇴 natives who worked this route many times for other airlines and wanted to take this flight to spend time with family in Cali and they even got involved with our random shenanigans which you’ll see later.

Crossing over Jamaica 🇯🇲 now with no sunset sadly, but you remember that family with instruments I mentioned earlier? Well they didn’t want to risk wasting today’s novena so they did it ON THE PLANE and get this,


I even wanted to head back myself but it was pretty crowded and I was instructed to stay towards the front for weight and balance purposes but I still prayed and sang with them.

Speaking of singing, as we crossed over the Caribbean coast of Colombia 🇨🇴 the FA’s came on the PA and started blasting Feliz Navidad out loud the ENTIRE CABIN WAS SINGING including myself and my family. Told you this flight was crazy but soon enough they wrapped everything thing up as our descent into Cali was imminent.

Our descent was smooth and exciting, we flew the traditional approach for CLO’s Runway 02 with a few people still singing. We even flew past the mountain AA 965 crashed into although it wasn’t on my side of the plane. Soon enough we were on final, it’s hard to see but do you see lights on the mountains? Yeah they decorate the mountains for the holidays as well but it’s time to prepare for landing on RWY 02 at CLO!

TOUCHDOWN! Welcome for the 3rd time this year to Alfonso Bonilla Aragon International Airport ONLY 2 hours and 52 minutes after leaving Miami 🏝️😎 making this the quickest time I’ve done MIA → CLO! Why was it this quick? No clue! But for those who remember my first Infinite Flight trip report which was this exact route back in February, which is better old or new? Let me know! Time for the conclusion, this was probably the CRAZIEST but also FUNNEST flight I’ve been on for a while. Yeah I know it wasn’t anything new but the Christmas 🎄🎁🎅 and Cali spirit associated with this flight makes up for it, especially the crew! So this flight is definitely worth taking during the holidays!

Arrived here at a familiar site, CLO’s international terminal at gate D18 with a dark but still lovely view of the AA B738 who brought us from MIA, the airport was all decorated for Christmas 🎄🎁🎅 and it looked STUNNING! Passport Control 🛂 did take some time due to the amount of passengers but still better than it was when I came to Cali in February. Bags were out in no time however and we soon renters car for our long drive to Dagua, a town west of Cali where we would be staying for the holidays and even my birthday as well! We’d still be in Cali and nearby city of Palmira visiting family. Anyways. Thanks for coming along with me to Cali! Stay tuned for a potential spotting topic on Christmas 🎄🎁🎅 day at CLO and as always between now and the next time, see you in the sky! 😉👋


Excellent as always, love the co-operation between you and @Udeme_Ekpo !

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