Navalkid_69’s ATC Tracking Thread - [OPEN] @ WSSS

Hello, my IF name is Captain fong. I am practicing ATC skills so that i can join IFATC. Serious pilots. I want to practice handling aircraft remaining in the pattern. Any one at training server at WSSS. Ground and tower will be open


Any questions pls PM me

Check tutorials on how to make a proper ATC tracking thread👍🏻

Its correct right

If i not wrong should this be at #atc ?

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Take a look at this:


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Please check out this topic and make it again!
Happy Flying :D

Edit: Check out @MrJackT14 his is more detailed!

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I’ll be passing by with my friends

Hey there! I’ve just passed by with my friends KAC020 @Mazyad / KAC028 @Failaka
Here is our feedback

  • you gave me and KAC020 transition at or above 1000ft when you should have given us 2500ft
    22ft airport altitude + 1500 pattern work altitude + 1000 separation
  • KAC028 asked for remaining in the pattern but you gave him right traffic when he was 02C not sure why but it isn’t wrong but we were wondering why there was no terrain in that place
  • you gave [captandy] 02L when it was closed!
  • you are too late for giving commands you have to try harder
  • KAC028 was waiting to long for the sequence…remember as Tyler said keep no secrets
  • when you gave KAC28 sequence you gave him "traffic to follow is on left Base…nobody was in left Base!!!
  • you gave me once I Landed "not cleared to enter the runway " I announced that I am going to land and you gave me the clearence how is it possible that I was not cleared to enter the runway!!!

I really recommend you reading the manual + watching the YouTube videos so you can improve your skills

Regards Ali AlNaseeb,

Remember update the thread when is closed.

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