Naval Aviators vs Airforce Pilots

What would you rather be? A navy pilot or an airforce pilot?

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US Air Force

  • Navy Pilot
  • Air Force Pilot

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Navy Boys have much more training and experience


I am torn on which pilot gets a better life style out of it. Can someone help me? Also I was thinking about making a Navy VA.

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Depends on the type of aircraft.

Depends on what they fly.

A-10’s for life. Even tho they won’t be around for much longer…

grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr 😂

I want to fly fighters. The F-18(Navy), F-22(airforce), or the F-35(both). That’s why I’m stuck.

If you want fighters, I say go air force. There is a huge shortage of fighter pilots right now (400+) and that is expected to continue to continue for years. Also the majority of navy student pilots are getting helicopters right now. Biggest thing is choose the life style yout want. I think it is commonly accepted that the air force offers a better quality of life. Plus, you don’t gethink stuck on a boat for months at a time.

True. I think airforce is the way to go.

I chose the air force and am loving it! Let me know if you have any questions, I’m currently in the middle of USAF pilot training

Do they send you to Iraq?

Its legit a question

Just be aware to fly fighters or bombers, at least for the AF not sure about Navy, you need to be one of the top of your class. They limit that track first to the top of class. So if you want to be a fighter/bomber pilot you need to really prove your metal in all areas.

Will do!..

Let me make things a bit easier

Navy pilot

Air Force pilot

NAVAL AVIATOR ALL THE WAY!!! I will be a Naval Aviatir

that is a false,

It’s Navy Aviators

Yes, we are going to make this VA