Naval Air Station museum NAS Pensacola PT:2

Hey guys! Back again at the naval Air Station museum! Theres many historical aircraft here and I would like to share it with you guys.

First we’ve got the entrance with a F-14 tomcat and getting top gun vibes.

Now when you first walk in, you see this

And now we have the first ever plane to do a trans Atlantic flight (Not solo flight like what lidenburg did in 1927) this flight was flown by aviators, captain John Alcock and lieutenant Arthur Whitten Brown in 1919.

Now here we have a really rare vought SB2U vindicator, which was found on the bottom of lake Michigan and was restored here which the only known vindicator to be presented in a museum.

Now we have the first ever jet fighter aircraft, the messerschmitt me 262

Now we have one of the big boys here. The B-25 mitchell. And in fact some of these got on an aircraft carrier (which this plane is army and carriers are navy) and which came to be known as the Doolittle raiders. You could just look it up to see more about it.

Now we have another big boy sitting here called the consolidated PB2Y coranado

Then we have our 3rd in a row big boy, and pretty sure this one is the Blohm and voss 238 correct me if im wrong.

Then I got to go inside the cockpit of a Lockheed S-3 viking

Last but certainly not least, the big mouth jet or in informational words the A-7 corsair

And thats it! Hope you liked it, and I would really like to share more but these are 10 photos. NAS pensacola has a lot of history there and it is worth a trip.


Oh I also wanted to say that the last 3 pictures are in hanger bay one which is a separate building right next to the main building

I also wanted to add that in the second picture, it is one of the first amphibious aircraft

Neat topic! I’ve been to the museum at NAS Pensacola just over two years ago before the pandemic hit, I had a great time! Place feels like a TARDIS, looks small on the outside but is quite expansive once you get in there.

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Yea its really nice and fun to go, thanks!

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How cool! I am definitely putting NAS Pensacola on my bucket list! I love the AIM-54 Phoenix on the Tomcat, they are massive!

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Yes you definitely should! It is worth a trip! And yes the tomcats are very big.

I can’t believe I was just here and now in 22.2 NAS penasacola has 3D buildings!

Just a bump to show everyone this amazing experience!

I also wanted to share that after leaving the museum, I went across the street to climb the lighthouse!

This is at the top over looking NAS Pensacola

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